Kim Seon Ho: (sends a lot of time message sent of the Choi More youthful Ah) A: How will you end up being?

Kim Seon Ho: (sends a lot of time message sent of the Choi More youthful Ah) A: How will you end up being?

Kim Seon Ho: I like their unique in addition to..nevertheless result is noticeable Kim Seon Ho: I think she’s going to sit once again A beneficial: There is certainly an elevated risk of one to taking place A good: Can you pick another together with her? . hard. A: Off my personal attitude, In my opinion [their unique actions] is constantly repeated Kim Seon Ho: My direct affects…. Kim Seon Ho: I’m able to view it when looking at they from some other perspective, but from inside, they feels as though I’m within the water Kim Seon Ho: It’s difficult, such as for instance I will almost view it however, are unable to. A: You understand but are nonetheless falling for this.

Kim Seon Ho and additionally obtained suggestions regarding B, a movie theater star who’s close friends with each other Kim Seon Ho and you will Choi Young Ah. B said to Kim Seon Ho, “She says she wouldn’t try it again. You need to accept it as true when the she is apologizing like that.” Kim Seon Ho after that made a decision to forgive her.

Kim Seon Ho: I really don’t notice it but really Kim Seon Ho: She had written the content in such a heartbreaking ways sigh A: What exactly is upsetting is that everybody else generally seems to do so better however, relationship, love, as well as relationships try

To the July 24, Choi More youthful Ah found out you to she is actually pregnant. She called Kim Seon Ho while you are whining and also have delivered him a book.

B explained, “To start with, the guy congratulated her saying it is the best thing. I do believe he had been seriously scared regardless if. The guy extremely consider a great deal regarding it. Unfortuitously, the two wanted to assist [the baby] go. In which he meticulously expected anything out-of me.”

B common, “One another had completely inflamed vision once they came down. This type of choice must not was in fact simple to create. As i went along to a healthcare facility together with her, the guy went along to purchase dishes for seaweed soup. He’s an individual who can’t cook after all…”

Kim Seon Ho prepared their unique seaweed soup for 14 days. To the “two days & 1 Night-season 4,” he mentioned, “I understand how to plan seaweed soup once the We cooked they recently.”

Choi Young Ah composed in her brand-new article, “Kim Seon Ho’s emotions changed completely following abortion.” She asserted that he “produced a believable pledge on relationships and you may unveiling [her] to their moms and dads of the pretending and you will sleeping.”

I do not believe she will fix it Good: That isn’t a drama instance “The field of the Partnered” otherwise “Like and you may War”

Based on Choi Younger Ah’s buddy C, she found Kim Seon Ho’s moms and dads adopting the abortion, ate with them, and also slept in the their put.

C found, “Younger Ah resided next to Seon Ho’s moms and dads later on. Seon Ho has worked to create believe along with her. He and additionally used a good Shiba Inu entitled Ho Ah to own their unique thus she wouldn’t be lonely whenever by yourself.”

In her own modern blog post, Choi Young Ah together with published, “Because the he lived his youthfulness inside impoverishment, he’s got an effective obsession with currency. The guy simply delivered me personally dos mil claimed (around $step 1,717) to your functions and you can healthcare costs.”

Choi Younger Ah’s associate D told you about any of it, “Her indulgent spending is burdensome for Kim Seon Ho. Getting Christmas time, she had good seven billion won creator purse (whenever $6,008). She purchased it with her individual credit and you will obtained a finance import from Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] learn about it due to the fact she boasted about it.”

D additional, “We have never seen Choi Young Ah spend. Usually Kim Seon Ho paid off. She states Kim Seon Ho loves designer labels? Acquaintances all the discover who’s the one who it is obsesses more developer labels.”




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